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In many cases, it is difficult for a mechanic to pinpoint the problem and why your car’s engine light might be on. However in Denver, our mobile mechanics can have you up and running again quick with full diagnostics check!

Brakes are one of the most important parts to your car. If you notice them getting worse when it rains or snows, then that could be an indication that they need maintenance in order for everything else to work properly too!

Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint the problem, but there is a chance that your engine light could be on because of something minor. You should get into a routine for regular maintenance and service appointments or else risk having major mechanical issues later down the line!

Possible Causes

If your car's engine light is on, it could be because of a number of different issues

  • One common problem could be a failing oxygen sensor
  • Other components that may fail are ignition coils or wires between an engine's lighting system and its sparkplugs, the catalytic converter if you have one installed in certain cars (check with manufactures for more info), vacuum leaks which can produce symptoms like rich-fueled fuel consumption depending on what they're leaking into
  • Depending on the severity of issue, you may need to get mobile mechanic service
  • Regular inspections and check-ups will help you avoid major car issues later on
  • Transmission system need regular check


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    How often should I have my oil changed?

    The Check Engine light can indicate a variety of different things, and if you see it flashing without any warning signs then this is not as serious. You should schedule an appointment with your mechanic right away to make sure everything's OK!


    Check Engine Light Comes On When Starting The Car

    This is normal, as the car is testing its various circuits. Once they are all okay in good health for another 5 minutes without receiving any other signals from this light then it will go out on its own accord.


    Modern Vehicles

    With more modern vehicles, a diagnostics test can help take the guess work out of trying to locate any issues. If you have an older vehicle and are experiencing decreased fuel economy or your check light is on or flashing; it may save money in future repairs if done soon enough before anything else breaks down completely! A full analysis takes longer than just running through basic tests but will provide better results as well because we'll actually pinpoint what's wrong without guessing at variables like with previous generations where everything was always fixed by fixing "plugs."

    A full diagnostics test will include:


    • Visual inspection of related components for obvious problems
    • System analysis from computer related printouts or display
    • Research of Technical Service Bulletins for possible related symptoms
    • Pin Point testing to eliminate possible problem areas
    • Component diagnosis at each stage of the process.

    Have you ever gone to get your oil changed and experienced a mobile mechanic? When the mobile mechanic comes to your car, they will do many things. They will check your oil level, tire pressure, inspect your car for any problems, and inspect all of the fluids in the car.

    You can trust them to fix any problems or replace parts if need be because mobile mechanics are knowledgeable about cars. The mobile mechanic will also get an idea of what's wrong with your car via different tests. These tests are done at different levels depending on the severity of the problem. If you have never used mobile mechanics before then I recommend that you try them out today.

    Our mobile mechanics can provide you with a detailed report once all the diagnostic tests have been completed. This will show where your car needs direction before repairs are undertaken so give us a call today!

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