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In today's world, work and family life can get in the way of tending to the safety of your vehicle until it's too late or right until the last minute. Even then, once you sit in the local brake repair shop, that situation is far from ideal. It quickly eats into your valuable time where you could deal with other parts of your family life.

Once you experience a Denver mobile brake mechanic, you will understand why it is the best way to get top-rated, high-quality brake replacements, and you don't have to put yourself out for a few hours. You can even find the Denver mobile mechanic can carry out the mobile brake service at your home or while you're at work.

Convenience is the primary factor with your mobile brake service, yet there is the standard of work you can get. Brick and mortar brake repair shops may do a decent job, yet they are tied to shop working hours, and they never have the customer being able to check what they are doing as they carry out their tasks.

Depending on the extent of the work required, our mobile mechanics can take from one hour to around three for most brake service tasks. Here are a few things to know about your brakes before one of our Denver mobile mechanics can undertake their brake service as part of their comprehensive brake system service and repair. You can also see why it is vital to call Mobile Mechanic Pros of Denver 24/7 if you experience braking issues.

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    Brake Pad Replacement

    When you know your braking system is in perfect working order and replace the pads at the recommended times, you save more than money.

    Brake pads are an integral part of your vehicle's braking system. In disc brakes, they sit between the calipers or, in older cars, on the brake shoes in the rear brake drums.

    When your brakes are working, this can help save your vehicle and your passengers from a potential accident. Unlike when they are not working, it's difficult to avoid one.

    Change Brake Fluid

    Brake fluids can absorb moisture, and if they get bubbles inside, these fluids become spongy and ineffective. It is better to let an experienced Denver mobile mechanic change the fluid and bleed the brakes on your vehicle in his quality mobile brake service. He will tell the condition through years of experience.

    How Long Will My Brakes Last?

    Denver mobile mechanics can check your brakes to see the levels of wear. While doing this, they can see if you have less than a quarter of an inch on your brake pads, and if more, they check for pitting on the pads, discs, or drums. Oil change also a hit on cheklist.

    Typically, with average use, your brake pads will be good for around 30,000-35,000 miles. It will change between vehicles and driving styles.

    Jane Hathaway – Denver

    “My rear brakes were making grating noises by the time I reached home. Mobile Mechanic Pros of Denver came out and changed the shoes. Fantastic service for the middle of the weekend.”

    Anti-Lock Brakes

    ABS make sure your wheels won't lock-up as you slam on your brakes. It may sound counterproductive, yet this stops your wheels from locking up, and you skid. ABS warning lights often show issues here, and it helps the mobile mechanic pinpoint brake service issues.

    You can find many other areas a mechanic from Mobile Mechanic Pros of Denver can deal with any time of the day or night through their 24/7 operations. Suppose you find your car pulling to the side, making noises, or not slowing fast enough as you brake. Don't hesitate to contact the brake service professionals.

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